Campaign managing

At dynamite bounties we can create and manage bounty campaigns for your project. The campaigns will be ran in English and serviced with our monitoring. We will create reports and keep track of the users in the group along with creating and managing the telegram chat.

Our Bounty Manager will be in constant contact and will be able to chat, moderate, edit and create reports for your campaign. The Bounty Manager will also be able to create content for the projects social media accounts including Twitter and Medium. The Manager will be able to help users in the telegram chat by answering questions that have available answers via the projects website, the manager will not be giving investment advice or handling any user payments.

A bounty campaign for signatures will be held along with an announcement thread on Bitcointalk. Reports on the users involved and their participation will be recorded, and bounty rewards can be sent out. The different signature codes must be provided.


Content Creation

We can create all the content needed for your project,ICO,news site or review site. Content can be written such as articles, blogs, tutorials, courses, reviews, whitepapers, and much more.

Video creation

If your project could use a video boost to review or explain the product/service than we have you covered! For video reviews please check out our Terms and Conditions.


Social Media Management

Our social media management is perfect for startups or existing cryptocurrency projects. We offer management support on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram. Our social media management service can help you grow your followers as we will post content on your behalf. In order to grow the audience we will create helpful articles, and post tweets related to your business/project to help grow your brand. We are always looking at ways to improve your brand standing.

Feel free to check out our packages and get bundled services at a fixed price, or to customize your needs feel free to contact us and get a quote.